Are over the knee boots still in?

Over the knee boots have been worshiped and criticised over the time but walking down Via dei Condotti and seeing them on at least one mannequin in every luxury shop I realised that it is a golden time to buy a pair for myself!

When I think over the knee boots – I think Stuward Wietzman and Gisele Bundchen’s long legs in their fall campaign. However there is a long list of brands presenting them and here are my favorite:


My pair of high-knees come from a high street shop and there is no shame in it! I have put them together with a tailor-made skirt and a warm cardigan to add the autumn coziness to my look. The weather in Rome still allows to show off my bare legs, however a pair of thick black tights would go well with this outfit too!






I believe that the key here is to feel where you stop looking stylish and elegant and begin looking vulgar. Avoid tight mini dresses and skirts and opt for oversize sweaters and cardigans. Be careful with the color as light grey or beige boots will visually make your legs look bigger and nobody wants that, right?

With love,

Your Karolina

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