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Andy Warhol Special Edition by Montblanc

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art”, Andy Warhol

One of the greatest artists of the 20th century broke down the barriers of “high” and “commercial” art and his quote that “good business is the best art” could not describe Montblanc any better. The luxury company has created a special edition celebrating the art of Andy Warhol and I had a chance to see it in a launch event in Rome on the 19th of November.



The Great Characters special edition features Warhol’s iconic Campbell Soup Cans in blue and orange colours from the 1965 series.

IMG_9636 (1)

Such an ordinary object as a soup can became an inspiration for the artist and Montblanc took it one step further by recreating it on a 14 kt golden pen, putting a price of 600-800 euros for it.



A special edition was not enough for Montblanc, so they also created a Limited Edition as a tribute to Andy Warhol for his most dedicated admirers. The inspiration for one of the designs has come from the work “Flowers” , 1964 and the dollar sign on the cone symbolises the commentary on commercialism made by Warhol’s art. There are only 1928 copies of this particular pen honoring the year when the artist was born.



The third and the most precious design of the pen under the Limited Edition Series is the brightest and definitely the most expensive one.



The pen is bright blue with colourful dollar signs giving the most precise image of Andy Warhol and his art as we know it. The pen can become yours for 20,000 euros!

With love,

Your Karolina


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