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Quick and easy hair style change without an actual change!

To get a fringe or not to get a fringe, that is the question! Not to make it too dramatic, but I am sure that every girl has had this dilemma. On one hand we are tempted to make a change to our look and on the other hand we are afraid that it will not suit our face shape, style etc.

I have gotten a fringe twice in my life, regretting it the very next day, so this time when the fringe idea came to my mind again, I went in a different way by purchasing a clip-in one!

It is definitely the easiest and the least risky way to change your hairstyle, especially for the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

The fringe is extremely easy to apply and trust me it is impossible to see that it is a clip-on, which is the best part!


If you wear a pony-tail with the fringe, you will create a French chic look that can be highlighted with a flirty cat-eye makeup.



On the photos you can see a hand-made shirt from T.Fashion (

Here are the products that I used to create the look

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset




With love,

Your Karolina


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