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Outfits for the New Year’s Eve!

While it is acceptable to celebrate Christmas in a cozy pajama and minimalistic makeup, New Year’s Eve is more demanding, allowing us to show off our style and beauty!

I have put together three outfits for the upcoming celebration to hopefully inspire you and give you a few ideas!

The first look is a variation of a little black dress, however with an addition of a beautiful print inspired by Dolce&Gabbana. The red high heels and lipstick bring out the colours of the dress. If you are choosing a similar kind of dress, I would recommend not wearing any jewellery as all the attention should go on the dress itself.


The second look was inspired by the traditional American colours that we see during the winter holidays. Red has always been a symbol of celebration and festiveness for me and most importantly femininity.A red dress will certainly make everyone look your way. The dress is made with beautiful Italian lace making you feel like a model on a runway. A nude pair of high heels would be a great choice for this outfit as well, giving two advantages – full attention on the dress and visually longer legs. I have put black accessories to show you an alternative option.



The last look is my favourite one as it is not your typical sparkling dress which is so overused for the New Year’s Eve parties. The neutral colours make this look elegant and sexy at the same time. For this kind of look feel free to put more aggressive or brighter makeup especially for a party!



I am wishing you a great New Year’s Eve celebration and a fashionable upcoming year!

With love from Miami,

Your Karolina


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