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The Bahamas Escape

Being in Miami for over a month during the Christmas holidays I could not miss an opportunity to  take a cruise to the romantic Bahamas with my fiancé.

We departed from the Port of Miami enjoying a delicious barbecue and dancing to the all time favourite songs.

The next morning we arrived in the gorgeous city Nassau, which we had decided to explore on a scooter! Nassau is a wonderful destination for diving and snorkelling. The city has a lot of pastel colonial buildings, including pink Government House.



Our adventure began from crossing the Nassau Harbour bridge  to see the famous Paradise Island and the first stop was of course the Atlantis Resort which indeed is breathtaking.



You can easily spend the whole day at the resort, enjoying the water park, dolphin cay and golf. As we had one day at this island, we only had time to see the impressive Aquarium with exotic beautiful fish.

Driving around the island we found a stunning beach that looked exactly how we had imagined a Bahamian beach to look like!



The last day of our cruise we continued falling in love with the Bahamas in Great Stirrup Cay which part of the Berry Islands.



If you are ever in Florida, take at least a 3-4 day cruise to the Bahamas where you will make beautiful memories!

With love,

Your Karolina





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  1. Looks and sounds like a truly amazing experience. The Bahamas look gorgeous! Definitely a place on earth I have to review for my blog in the future 🙂


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