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New names in Ukrainian Fashion

It is exciting to watch the development of fashion in Ukraine which has been occurring in the last years. There is now a much higher interest for national designers as well as a need for a revolution in the way people dress.

I have decided to present to you a few new designers, starting with FCXL SatevariThe brand, created by two young designers, is reflecting contradictory values – tradition and innovation. Ethnic motifs, sharp lines and charismatic energy are strongly noticeable throughout the collections. These features along with the dominant black colour make this brand stand out and take its rightful place in the Ukrainian fashion market.






Since the designers use 3D technologies for modelling, you can also view the sketches for the upcoming collections on their website.


You can see more of this brand on their website or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope to share with you more Ukrainian designers as their view on fashion is unique and strong in its nature.

With love,

Your Karolina


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