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Chic Streets of Milan

Milan is a city that you either love with all your heart or hate it. I fall into the first category as I adore the ambience of the city, the chic streets and luxurious shops, especially the Dolce&Gabbana cafés and shops in via Manzoni – it is nothing but art.

In this post I would like to show you at least a small part of the city and the beautiful shop windows that add so much charm to it. What makes this city stand out to me is also the people. You see well-dressed, stylish and classy people, especially during the Fashion Weeks. Compared to Rome, Milan has a more modern approach to cafés and restaurants in terms of design and menus. In contrast to all of these modern elements, the tram that also goes through the shopping street is adding so much romance and mystery!

For the best view on the Duomo di Milano, you must go to the Terrazza Aperol, where can also enjoy a Milanese Aperitivo.

IMG_7067IMG_6983IMG_6980IMG_6982IMG_6978IMG_7063IMG_6415IMG_6419IMG_6423IMG_7054As for the outfit that I had chosen to wear to walk around Milano, I had comfort as a priority in my mind! It had been raining non-stop and my feet were asking for a break after running around the shows during the three days that I was there. So the Nike trainers were the best possible choice for me. The blue hat along with the baby blue Céline bag made the look more elegant!


IMG_7106 (1)
Enjoying the view on Duomo from the Terrazza Aperol.


What do you think about Milan? Do you love it as much as I do?

With love,

Your Karolina

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