My Tuscany Travel Guide

Tuscany is one of the most picturesque regions of Italy, where the sea and the mountains create such a perfect harmony that both your mind and body will enjoy a relax here. I come here often, as this is where my husband’s family lives, so I decided to write up a small guide of my favourite cities in Tuscany.

1. Florence – my favourite city in Tuscany. In one day you will fully emerge into the incredible atmosphere of the city and feel the magical power of all the famous artists such as Dante,Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo who lived there. As for food, you must try to Florentine Steak and local red wine.

2.Lucca and Siena – two ancient cities with mesmerising architecture, here every corner, every wall has a rich history behind it. Food-wise I would suggest to try various types of salami, prosciutto and ham.

3. Forte dei Marmi – a beautiful resort by the Tyrrhenian Sea, with elegant restaurants, original boutiques and chic people. As we usually stay in Livorno, we like to go there for an aperitif and drink a glass of Aperol Spritz enjoying a gorgeous sunset.

4. Bolgheri – perfect place for wine lovers! Here you can book a wine tasting tour to try the “Super-Tuscans” , which are based on a Bordeaux-blend. The best wineries are the following: Tenuta Ornellaia, Tenuta San Guido, which is a producer of the delicious Sassicaia wine.

5.Punta Ala- an exclusive resort where people arrive on their yachts, play golf and enjoy the Tuscan views.

6. Pisa and Livorno – you can visit these two cities in one day. Start with the unique Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno, watching large ships leaving for cruises. Moving on to Pisa, which is a thirty minute drive you can visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I hope this guide is helpful and feel free to ask me more about this region!

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