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Museum of Ice Cream Miami

If you are a blogger, fashionista, digital influencer or just a girly girl then visiting the MOIC was a MUST-DO for you! As during my stay in Miami on Christmas the tickets were sold out, I had to buy them two months in advance for my Easter holidays here!

From the moment you come to the door, the staff makes you crazy pumped and happy! I must say that the girls and guys working there make a huge difference and contribute greatly to the overall experience. There are four floors of pink fun! Each floor has different sets, where you will spend hours taking photos. The tasty part is trying different ice cream based desserts on each floor, can’t even tell you which one I liked more as they were all delicious! 💕

As you know I have a little baby, whom I take with me everywhere I go and the Museum of Ice Cream was not an exception. He seemed to have fun the whole time and by the beginning of the last floor he fell asleep! ( got tired from posing so much). For those who want to visit MOIC with babies, you must know that strollers are not allowed inside.

There are four locations of the Museum, let me know if you have been to one and what you thought about the experience!

You can watch my YouTube video to see more

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