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Top 5 Aperitivo bars in Milano

North of Italy, including the fashion capital Milan are crazy about their aperitivo and needless to say that I love it! To be honest with you, when I go to Milan, I usually skip dinner by replacing it with Aperol Spritz cocktail and delicious aperitif dishes which are served in an elegant way.

1. Terraza Aperol

This is literary the first place where I go to when I arrive in Milan! The view is stunning, Aperol Spritz is done in the best manner and I must say that it is the only place where I eat potato chips as they are delicious there!

Address: via Ugo Foscolo 1

2. Dolce&Gabbana Martini Bar

This is where fashion meets awesome cocktails, yummy starters and famous people. Every time I sip my drink over there I see fashion and TV celebrities such as Anna Dello Russo and Stefano Gabbana himself!

Address: Corso Venezia 15

3. Bulgari Hotel

If you want to enjoy your cocktail in a secret garden of a luxurious hotel – this is where you should go. With your aperitivo drink you will receive amazing little plates of food which I can assure you are delicious!

Address: via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7b

4. Bar Basso

This is a truly historic place where believe it or not the iconic Negroni Sbagliato cocktail was created back in the 1947! What is even more fascinating is the fact that the whole “Aperitivo” concept was first introduced in this exact bar! You will without a doubt find your perfect cocktail from the 500 available ones in the Menu.

Address: via Plinio 39

5. Ceresio 7

Unlike Bar Basso, Ceresio 7 represents the new, modern culture of Milan. It belongs to the DSquared Group and is located on top of the Enel Building. You can enjoy your Aperitivo with a view on two swimming pools and the Milan skyline.

Address: via Ceresio 7

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