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48 Hours in Rome: What to do, eat and wear.

Day One

What to wear: silk or lace white dress and sandals, golden color of jewellery and a hat 👒 In the evening put on a red lipstick and your look will change in a moment!

08:00 Bongiorno in Trevi Fountain

If you want that pitch perfect photo by the Trevi Fountain put your alarm a tad early! Before 8 o’clock you will find the fountain almost empty with an exception of maybe a few bloggers;)

09.00It is time for that first incredible cup of cappuccino to put an excellent start to your Roman trip. Check out the iconic Antico Cafe Greco in via condotti and don’t forget that in Italy for breakfast we drink cafe latte/cappuccio and eat a croissant, no ham/eggs/sausages etc… Italians get offended when asked for a proper breakfast! (When in Rome , do as Roman do, right?)

10.00 Let’s start the tour of the city, shall we? From via Condotti you can take a nice stroll through via del Corso, Vittoriano, Roman Forum and Coliseum.

13.00 From the Coliseum you can reach Piazza del Popolo by taxi and taste the traditional Carbonara at the Canova restaurant.

15.00 I couldn’t allow you come to Italy and not do any shopping! From Piazza Del Popolo go through via del Babuino where you will find lots of shops and if you wish to stop for a coffee in an extremely elegant place – Hotel de Russie is your destination. Continuing to walk you will reach Piazza di Spagna and if you have time you can visit Villa Borghese Park.

18.00 Now you can enjoy the delicious Aperol Spritz when you take your Aperitivo at the Rinascente Roof Top Bar.

20.00 As there are so many ( way too many) restaurants where you can have dinner I will write down a few that you can chose from: Ginger( fashionable, organic, healthy) Aroma ( luxurious, pricy, amazing view) Crispi ( warm, tasty seafood, romantic). If the season is right ( ask your waiter) a must-try in Rome is Carcioffo Romano or Carcioffo ala Giudia . The other local dishes are Carbonara, Greca, Trippa and Coda.

23.00 Even though you can find tasty gelato practically everywhere in Rome, my absolute favourite is Fassi , where I take the rice gelato( it blew my mind the first time I tried it)

Day Two

What to wear : Flowery romantic dress, over the shoulder bag , white sunglasses and white trainers. Put a maxi red dress for the evening which will look spectacular in the evening here.

09.30 Breakfast at Nonna Vincenza in Campo dei Fiori. Order a Cannolo Siciliano with pistachios/ricotta cream and a Cappuccino.

10.00-13.00 Walk from Campo dei Fiori Market to Piazza Navona, stopping in little streets such as via dei Coronari. From there head towards the Ponte San’t Angelo and from there you will reach the Saint Peters Cathedral.

13.00 Lunch at I Quattro Mori Hostaria.

14.00-17.00 Visiting the Vatican museums , most importantly Saint Peters Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel.

17.30 Aperitivo at Les Ettoiles Rooftop Bar with a view on Saint Peters.

18.30-20.00 Move to Trastevere area where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll and visit local shops.

20.00 Dinner at Antico Arco restaurant.

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