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“Anti-stereotypes” Capsule Collection by me for T&EVA

My capsule collection is a small extract from my mind and my heart. I have been meaning to create something that will send out a powerful message and I believe that these T-Shirt are successfully doing so. Each design has a story, meaning and a push to rethink how we perceive reality. Without the amazing fashion illustrator Oksana Liadetska this project would have been impossible, so special thanks goes to her!

1. Anti-racism “I am a Global Citizen, aren’t you?”

Once haven written a blog post about being open minded to living in a different country and not being attached to one particular place I received a comment in the lines of pitying me for not having a “homeland” and that I am not a wholesome person if I don’t feel attached to a country where I was born. This made me even more sure that I am a global citizen , without putting myself in a so called border. I believe that being a global citizen is what makes me happy and curious about life. I believe in no separation of nationalities, skin color, religion, sexual orientation etc. I see beyond that and I hope to spread this message across.

2.“Would you say out loud what you are about to type?”

Social media platforms have opened up a new, more violent form of psychological bullying. Teenagers are twice as likely to commit Suicide now due to cyber bullying. People online become more fearless to attack a person, therefore the message of this design is to remind that being online, without a personal contact doesn’t give a reason to be rude, threatening and aggressive online.

3. Anti-bullying “Real queens hold each other’s crowns”

Often I see that women cannot support and approviate success of others. I believe that the stronger the female sex becomes in general, the more chances there are for all and each woman to build a strong career. Hence the message is to allow other women to be strong, successful and happy.

4. Anti sexism “ Career or Family? I choose both”

I believe that in our modern society this should not even be a question, however as a part of my anti-stereotypes collection I couldn’t have avoided it. Having a baby is the most wonderful and precious feeling in the world, I As a mother can assure you.However, we as women cannot forget about self realisation , about development and about work success. It is possibile to have a loving family and a job that allows you to build yourself as an individual. My message is to stop even pretending to agree that a woman must make a choice, she can easily do both and do it in the best way.

5.Anti-Judgement “Everyone is fighting their own battle… Be kind”

Very often I come across people judging pain and depression of others, claiming that they don’t deserve to feel the way they do. Pain of a person cannot be minimised by looking at it from a global scale, comparing it to terrible world problems. It can seem that one has the best life, yet nobody can ever know what is happening behind the closed doors and what is the hell a person can be going through.

You can buy these T-Shirts in T&EVA showroom in Kiev or write to me on Instagram to order it online 💙

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