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Wardrobe for a Cruise 🛳

Lots of people choose to go on a cruise from Miami to various destinations such as Bahamas, Mexico , Key West and many others. I have put together an essential wardrobe list for you 🧳

  • A couple of bikinis, 1-2 one-piece bathing suits to take beautiful classy photos on the amazing beaches that you will get to see.

  • A cardigan/blazer – surprisingly its super cold inside the ship, so if you don’t want to freeze in a little summer dress, take along something warm with you.

  • Hats and boats go so well together, so don’t forget to take a large elegant hat with you.

  • Heels for the dinners and comfy shoes for when you get to walk around a city like Nasau for example ( taking a scooter is an awesome idea to discover the place)

  • White dress – usually there is a white party on each cruise.

Hope this was helpful and let me know if you have something else to add to this list ❤️

With love,


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