What to expect from 2020-Global Trends

The year has just started and unfortunately the events of 2020 have been pretty devastating so far, this is why I wanted to bring in some positivity.

Here are the 5 global trends which are waiting for us and surely each of us is responsible for playing their part and making our world better.

1. Global citizens – people will continue to move around the world more and more in pursuit of better lifestyle, career and for the sake of discovering new cultures. This is amazing as it will help people to accept those who are different from them in various aspects.

2. Mindful consuming – choosing organic goes beyond simply being fashionable , people will make more conscious decisions when it comes to consumption. New technologies will help improve to balance costs , ethics and transportation.

3. Online education – even MBA courses will become more popular in an online format , causing a huge transformation in educational system. Thousands of online courses will help to receive education and knowledge at a lower cost and with a smaller cost.

4. Digital health management – new apps and technologies to monitor one’s health , diet and wellness will become more available. As an example it would become easier to control obesity problems.

5. Focus on happiness – leaders and employers of global companies will care more about the happiness of their employees as even according to Harvard Studies, happier and more satisfied employees are more productive and successful.

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With love,

Your Karolina

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