Nino Lettieri at Alta Roma

I had a please to take part in a 10 year anniversary celebration of Nino Lettieri at Alta Roma.

The capsule collection of 10 haute couture dresses was presented in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Ferrajoli in Rome, in collaboration with the collection of high jewelry.

“DE PARME DESIGN” designed by the Princess of HollandS.A.R. MARGHERITADI BORBONE PARMA. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds cover the elegant and iconic pink and white gold LEAVES © of various shapes for world-famous jewelry.

Large and sumptuous volumes, exclusive and fine fabrics, embroideries with geometric designs take shape to dress the demanding LETTIERI woman and always looking for important clothes with a modern cut but always respecting the canons of high fashion

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With love,

Your Karolina

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