I currently live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where inspiration comes from the sun, the sky, the sea, the food and every building. Rome has become my new home after having moved here from London where I spent four amazing years. The England’s capital will always have a special and very big space in my heart as that is where I truly found myself.

I have worked in restaurant marketing for a few years which certainly developed a strong bond between me and food, especially now living in delicious Italy! I am excited to share interesting places and dishes with you, not only from Rome but from everyone where I travel. This leads me to my other passion – travel. I cannot live without at least one flight a month and even if its is only a three day trip with a twelve hour flight included – I will definitely go!

Living in Italy, I have developed even deeper interest for fashion and design, having a strong focus on them in my latest posts.




I hope you will find my blog interesting and don’t forget to follow my Instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/karolinasworld/

With love

Your Karolina


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